Irregular updates/hiatus
May 14th, 2017, 6:48 am
Due to several reasons, i have decided to put the comic on a hiatus with irregular updates once in a while.
I have really enjoyed making the pages thus far, and see the amount of people who have read the comic. But fact is, (Beyond that it has been VERY timeconsuming, and i'm in the middle of school exams) that Feral is a comic for practice, and i've come to the realization that i must focus on another story that i would much rather tell, a comic i've called 'The Black Rose,' which i'll hopefully get to show you all some time in late summer.

This doesn't mean that i will simply leave Feral without an ending. over the course of the next few months i'll see how many pages i manage to make of Feral, and decide after that, how i'll tell the rest of the story. (Whether that be by making the entire comic, post the storyboard, or rewrite the rest as a story.)

Thanks to everyone who has stuck with the comic so far, and i hope you all have a lovely sunday with the (until further notice) last page of Feral. If you want to know whenever there's been a new page posted, i suggest that you 'favorite' the comic as a user on Smackjeeves, where you'll then get a notice when there's been activity on the comic. :)



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